Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Parsley and The Adventures Of Parsley

I've recently decided that parsley is wonderful, it can be added to most things and improve it, mostly food though, in my experience it doesn't do much for diesel, coffee or an iphone.

Fish, soups, garlic bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, salads all benefit from a bit of parsley, lus it has a nice green colour.

It comes in three types, flat, curly or dried.
Now when I decided on this exciting and informative blog entry I remembered that Parsley was on a kids TV programme.

I actually thought it was Pipkins, my mind went to "Parsley Hare" but then I remembered that that was "Hartley Hare". So I Googled "Parsley kids TV" and came up with The Herbs.

The Herbs was a stop animation cartoon written by Paddington Bear author Michael Bond and animated/directed by co-creator of The Magic Roundabout Ivor Wood.

The Herbs were 15 minute episodes first broadcast in 1968

Parsley The Lion never spoke but his thoughts were voiced. Parsley made it to his own spin off of 5 minute episodes broadcast first in 1970.

They went out early evening before the news.
They featured amongst others, Dill The Dog, dill is also a fine herb, worthy of an entry of his own!
Anyway here's an episode of The Adventures of Parsley

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