Wednesday, September 14, 2011

George Formby's When I'm Cleaning Windows

Trying to explain George Formby to those not in the know is almost impossible.

He was essentially a musician, but also a singer, comedian, entertainer and actor (well he made films!), at the time of the World War 2, Formby was the UK's biggest star and played his part entertaining the troops.

I may mention George again in the future but on with the song.

When I'm Cleaning Windows was written by Fred Cliff and Harry Gifford and George himself. It tells the story of a window cleaner and what he sees while he's on his round;
"the blushing bride, she looks divine, the bridegroom he is doing fine, I'd rather have his job than mine, when I'm cleaning windows", so a bit of a pervert, but he just about got away with it.

Here he is performing the song from the film Keep Your Seats Please, the song appears to have absolutely no relevance to the rest of the film as George performs it to a rather uncomfortable looking woman. For regular followers of my blog, the film features actor Harry Tate who has become known as cockney rhyming slang for the number 8.


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  2. That was funny! Where did you get that video? Just like as what he has said, window cleaning is an interesting job! a Dit dot doo, dit dat doo, dit dit dit, dit dit dat do, lalad dit lalat dit When I'm cleaning windows! I'm experiencing Last Song Syndrome, LOL. I gotta try that next time I clean my windows.

    Sandra Ludwig