Friday, September 16, 2011

Cockney rhyming slang - money - Nelson Eddies

Nelson Eddy was a man of many talents, to such an extent that it isn't such a big surprise that his name is now mostly used in the plural courtesy of rhyming slang.
Nelson Eddies is rhyming slang for readies a more common use of the term for ready cash or money.

It can often be used by traders for doing deals in just nelson eddies so there is no invoices and therefore no taxes to pay on it, it's the way Del Boy and Arthur Daley would have done it!

Nelson Eddy was born in 1901 and his career took in a variety of musical styles (from folk to opera) both performing and composing and a range of films in the 20s and 30s. He was most noted for work with actress/singer Jeanette McDonald, the two, who were married to other people had a long affair despite MGM publicity issuing rumours that they hated each other. They both would have divorced but they didn't have the readies!

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