Friday, February 17, 2012


This pic is taken on our travels to a wondrous part of the world.

The only clue you get as to where is that predictive text called it "Routirort"!

I entered the Flythomascook Photography Competition:
Flythomascook Photography Competition

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I've recently been reading the internet, in case you've missed it there's been some good stuff on it.

One of my favourite parts is the comment sections where people with no knowledge of anything will comment on a subject with a degree of confidence that eludes some of the most intelligent people on the planet.

Another interesting point is that some of these commentators will post anonymously, as though putting a name to their inanities may make it less meaningful. What encourages people to take ten minutes from their busy schedule and then comment that what they have read was pointless and they don't want to read anything like it again is beyond my simple mind.

I realise I very rarely post anything serious or of note to encourage comments, save for my occasional reminiscences of bygone Pizza Express pizzas so I am saved this particular internet oddity.

I do know some people who are the most mild mannered individuals you could ever meet yet put them in front of a computer screen and they argue with anyone about anything in the most vociferous (if you can be vociferous without speaking) manner.

So that's the internet for you, it's largely words and pictures in various forms and people with opinions about stuff that they mostly know nothing about, politics, relationships, medicine, history, religion, education, humour and fish.