Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stuffed Olives

More specifically a pimento stuffed olive. The middle class snack of choice is one of my reasons to be cheerful. Now I have nothing against other types of stuffing (no Carry On jokes please!) but they never top the good old pimento, like salt & vinegar crisps they should have just stopped after pimento, not try and introduce new varieties. Garlic, chilli, almonds, anchovies, onions have all been attempted but the pimento still wins. In the Channel 4 programme 100 Best Olive Stuffings, pimento was number one, even Stuart Maconie agreed and this was backed up with the Channel 5 programme 100 Greatest Olive Stuffings.
It is generally green olives that get stuffed and this should be with pimento.
Unlike many other foodstuffs it is often the cheaper types that are the nicest, so well done to the olive.
Olives are also used in the production of olive oil and olive tapenades as well as other things that have olives in. Olive pits were not used in the construction of The Great Wall of China.

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