Friday, May 27, 2011

Ken Dodd's song Happiness

It's difficult not to feel a bit cheery with this song. Written by prolific country writer Bill Anderson, who also recorded the song. Anderson is known for speaking a lot of lyrics, and the majority of his version of the song is exactly that. Doddy's song is much more upbeat. Ken Dodd, a British comedian spanning several generations had a number of hit records in the 60s, the most famous "Tears (For souvenirs)" was the third best selling UK single of the 1960s, only being beaten by two Beatles' hits.

The song lyrics don't bear too much scrutinising, "A wise old man told me one time, That happiness is nothing but a frame of mind, I hope when you go to measuring my success, That you don't count my money count my happiness". It's all very well to live your life that way, but after you've gone it's a lot easier to quantify assets than how often your teeth got an airing.
Here's Doddy and Anderson's version below it

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