Saturday, May 14, 2011

Confusion 1

Confusion is not always a reason to be cheerful, but something that has happened recently has amused me.
My other blog, My A to Z of Comedy has an entry about 1930s comedian and writer Charlie (or Charley) Chase also known as Charlie Parrot. Now this entry has been by far the most read or looked at or possibly just clicked on. Now I am interested in Charlie but I couldn't work out why he is more popular than Stan Laurel for example or other more modern entries. Read past this very fetching picture of Charley Chase to find out why...

Charley Chase is also the name of an actress in the adult film industry, so when Googling for a blog related to the star of films such as Busty Nurses 2 or Real Racks 6 (I just read IMDB, honest!) you happen across my musings on the contemporary of Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy, I can only imagine the thoughts when they see the picture above.
I am slightly more amused by my adding to the confusion with this blog too.

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