Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Rolf Harris Song - Jake The Peg

So the funniest thing I discovered when I started writing this was that Jake The Peg was based on a Dutch song called Ben Van Der Steen, performed by Frank Roosen. On further investigation "Ben Van Der Steen" is a Dutch windsurfer, I would assume the extra leg is an advantage, but it could be a hindrance.

So anyway, for those unfamiliar Jake The Peg is a ditty that is known for being performed by the legendary Australian Rolf Harris.

Poor Jake seems to have had a rough time of it, yet has seen the good side of the extra leg, personally being used as a cricket wicket wouldn't have been such fun, but Jake seemed to enjoy it.

He also had the advantage of being able to count to 25 on his fingers and toes.

He would always have had an extra odd sock, hmm.

Anyway here's old Rolf and a bit of Jake

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