Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Confusion 2 : You had to be there.

Those moments that don't always translate well to the telling of a tale. When you get half way through telling an hilarious story that turns out to have probably not been that funny after all. All reasons to be cheerful, well unless you were the story teller.

My reason for today was confusion during a recent shopping expedition. Now British supermarket staff have become almost helpful over recent years, a new one creeping in is "Thank-you for waiting" which is fine if you have been waiting, but sounds a bit insincere if there isn't a queue and you just walk up and get served straight away.

Apparently one of the most common replies to "Do you need any help with your packing" is "No thank-you, but wouldn't mind some help with paying", hilaaarious.

So back to my story, the checkout lady asked "do you need any help with your shopping", when she realised her faux-pas, she was in hysterics, "ooh, I meant, do you need any help with your packing, I can't believe I said that". We didn't have the heart to point out that there wasn't really anything wrong with her first sentence, oh well, you had to be there.

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