Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dominecker Camels

Dominecker Camels: Thanks Ian! Dominecker camels indeed. So the internet tells me that there aren't any actual 'dominecker' camels, there are dominecker or 'dominique' chickens. They are black & white chickens. The internet says that possibly Ian was referring to Camel cigarettes, I don't know if there was a domineker variety of Camel cigarettes, besides cigarettes don't make me cheerful. I did wonder if there were any other types of 'camel' and thought of camel coats, I looked for a 'dominique' style camel coat but couldn't find one. Then I remembered someone who wore a camel coat and it made me cheerful. So here is a picture of George Cole as Arthur Daley wearing a camel coat and I made the picture black & white, so it is in fact a genuine 'domineker camel' as Arthur would say, "stand on me".

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